Become A Member

Why should I join MOMS Club?  What is in it for me?

  • The overall goal of the club is to support mothers and help children in your community
  • We believe that raising our children is an important and fulfilling job
  • Every month we plan child-friendly weekday outings to give at-home moms interaction and support when it's most needed
  • We provide a built-in support group of mothers of all ages and diverse backgrounds with children of all ages
  • Community involvement through service programs
  • MOMS Night Out to give moms a break
  • Family outings so dads can be included too
  • Holiday parties and potluck several times a year
  • We are always looking for new ideas, and welcome all of our members to suggest new activities and ideas - we know that our most important resource as a club is our members!
How can I join?

Club activities are for members only, however, a prospective member can try us out by attending up to two business meetings or one business meeting and one park play day.  A field trip is not counted as a park play day.  Park days are defined as any outing where the entire membership is generally together in the same place.

Annual dues for our chapter are $20, which covers publishing the directory, newsletter costs, various holiday parties and other club activities, with a small portion going to International club dues.  We are an IRS recognized non-profit organization.

If you interested in joining or would like more information, EMAIL US with your name, phone number, and any questions you may have, and a MOMS Club membership coordinator will contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.